Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Wealth Management to us, is more than just finding the most appropriate investment Fund Manager to be part of your investment solution. We believe in having Pro-Active management as part of our client’s investments. Therefore, we have created our own Unique Investment Solution Wrap Funds called Spyros. The name Spyros is Greek and means “a basket of seeds”. These solution wrap funds are only available through our Independent Brokers to investors within and outside of South Africa.

The Spyros brand and series of investment solutions are uniquely blended to manage risk though the various stages of life. We aim to identify opportunities with high growth potential with the appropriate levels of risks associated with the individual needs of the clients.

With our 9 unique solution funds, it is like having 9 various “baskets of various seeds” within each solution. Our team has over 50 years of experience in the investment and financial Services arena. We strive to innovate and anticipate change and uncertainty. Our expert insight of professionals, together with over 30 uniquely selected Fund Managers with their Alpha style and great stock picking is just part of our product solutions here via Spyros series of solutions that best address our clients needs. We also have the ability to move fast and be flexible at times needed.

One will find peace of mind investing , cost savings, pro-active management, aiming to achieve consistent performance whilst managing risk.

In managing the Spyros Wrap Funds, Primus Advisory Services (Pty) Ltd has partnered up with Absa Multi Management, a division within Absa Investment Management Services (Pty) Ltd, FSP 524, a wholly owned subsidiary of Absa Group Limited. The solutions are uniquely blended and reviewed by the Investment committee, consisting of professionals from Primus Advisory Services (Pty) and Absa Multi Management(AMM).

The result is that we manage risk. We can make use of these 9 Spyros Wrap funds via major investment platforms from within SA and can insert these blends for your investments within tax free savings, living annuities, discretionary investments, emergency funds and many more options. You might want to invest monthly, ad-hoc payments or lumpsum. We can assist you Internationally worldwide as well as within South Africa.

We look forward to the future growth of these humble seeds, continuously working with our great business partners to keep delivering exceptional service to our clients.

Spyros Wealth Management
Spyros Wealth Management

Spyros is a basket of seeds and represents growth and protection.

  • Spyros Income Solution
  • Spyros Stable Solution
  • Spyros Moderate Solution
  • Spyros Growth Solution
  • Spyros Growth Wealth Creator
  • Spyros Global Wealth Creator
  • Spyros USD Global Wealth Creator
  • Spyros Tax Free Solutions etc

As part of many investment offerings and services, we can also provide support with currency conversions and opening of bank accounts overseas. We have found solutions even for our clients globally that has funds within cash accounts and not getting much growth on their money.

We drive an Alpha Solid Team and are truly Blessed to make such a difference to our local and international investors

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Fanie Du Preez Independent Financial Advisor
Fanie Du Preez
Independent Financial Advisor
Fanie is an Independent Financial Advisor with 50+ years experience. He is a fully qualified Financial Intermediary and a member of the FIA and CMS. Fanie established himself as being the top Advisor for Sanlam Life and PPS for numerous years and has earned awards and accolades for service excellence.
Anton Du Preez - Independent Financial Advisor
Anton Du Preez
Independent Financial Advisor
I have been an Independent Financial Planner in our Family Financial Practise with my dad and brother for over 24 years. My role is to connect, guide and assist my clients through the “noise” into only getting what they need to achieve their financial goals and to have peace of mind along their Journey ahead.
Mariska Basson - Independent Financial Advisor
Mariska Basson
Independent Financial Advisor
Mariska is an Independent Registered Financial Advisor with 20+ years’ experience in the financial industry. Mariska is member of the FIA and CMS.
Wimpie Nel
Senior Independent Financial Advisor