Anton Du Preez - Independent Financial Advisor

Anton Du Preez

Independent Financial Advisor
Life Insurance I Investments I Retirement Planning I Wealth Management
My Focus

Specializing in life insurance,  investments, retirement planning , wealth management, my focus is on you, your family, business, and lifestyle. As an Independent Financial Advisor, I collaborate with various banks, insurance companies, and fund managers, providing a broad spectrum of options and solutions. With over 100 years of combined experience in our family business and serving three generations of clients, we offer holistic solutions tailored to your unique situation.

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About Me

I have been an Independent Financial Planner in our Family Financial Practise with my dad and brother for over 24 years. My role is to connect, guide and assist my clients through the “noise” into only getting what they need to achieve their financial goals and to have peace of mind along their Journey ahead.

Investments, Retirement Planning and Wealth Creation is my main drive and one cannot ignore the importance of having the provision to protect yourself and your family along with your lifestyle.

We are totally independent. Not just from a holistic Mindset and Advice point of view , but also to your advantage in the relationship to the various Service Providers we are lisenced with. This means we do not wear a particular company jacket. Whether we speak Life Assurance, Income Protection or Investments, we are able to pick from various Insurance Companies and Fund Managers or Investment Platforms to place the business with.

Allow me to find the Solution to your current situation and convert the problems into a project. Thank Goodness we love what we do and having coffee engaging with our clients to get to know them and their families and adding value to them comes natural. I believe “People buy People”.

When I look at the Success and Legendary footprints my father, Fanie du Preez, has made in South Africa, within the Financial Services industry, one main key element comes down to Trust and Personal Relationships.

We at The Meadow Group have a great team working in various divisions in our practise. We are solution driven and pro-actively add value to your financial needs & lifestyle towards retirement stage and beyond. We value the long term solid relationships with so many clients we now have around the world and appreciate the support from our clients over the years.